Here at Killingworth Young Peoples club, we have over 30 teams, ranging from 4 year old to over 40s.

We are always looking for new players and coaches. Below are a list of teams that we have

4 – 6 Year old

KYPC Kickers Academy

Under 7

U7 Blacks

U7 Reds

Under 8

U8 Blacks

U8 Blacks (GIRLS)

U78 Reds

U8 Whites

U8 Yellows

Under 9

U9 Blacks (Sunday)

U9 Blacks (Saturday)

U9 Reds

U9 Whites

U9 Yellows

Under 10

U10 Blacks

U10 Whites

Under 11

U11 Blacks

U11 Reds

U11 Oranges

U11 Whites

Under 12

U12 Blacks (GIRLS)

U12 Blacks (Sunday)

U12 Whites

U12 Reds

U12 Yellows

Under 13

U13 Blacks

U13 Reds

U13 Reds (Saturdays)

U13 Yellows

Under 14

U14 Blacks

U14 Blacks (GIRLS)

U14 Reds (GIRLS)

Under 15

U15 Blacks

U15 Reds

Under 16

U16 Blacks



Killingworth FC